Since 1991, U.S. Bulk has been building strong relationships with all of the top and most respected companies in the hazardous waste industry to help secure the best work load, continued growth and a secure future for our client base as well as our owner-operators.

  • Being the largest and having the expertise has enabled us to have the most available freight and the best rates throughout our network.

  • Earn 80% per net ton PLUS 100% of the Fuel Surcharge paid to the owner operator as part of your weekly settlements - no waiting.

  • Year end and longevity bonus available after the third consecutive year to full-time qualified owner operators (paying up to an additional 1% of your yearly earnings).

  • With U.S. Bulk, you will have the ability to haul our premium industrial freight as well as the opportunity to haul hazardous waste.

  • Weekly settlements either direct deposit or regular check.

  • No forced and personalized dispatch. Only call your home terminal, as they will work tirelessly to keep you loaded with the best freight possible throughout our large network of terminals and logistics offices.

  • Full-time, year round work.

  • Our dispatch philosophy is fair and simple. The first truck empty will be given the choice of available loads in your area. The second truck empty will be given the second choice.

  • Home weekends.